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AC Power is a solar developer that finds solar solutions suiting each site’s specific needs. Our team of specialists will transform even the toughest sites into productive renewable energy facilities to monetize environmental attributes, produce clean energy and re-energize communities.


AC Power offers the development services needed to move a project from an idea to a reality.  From initial assessments up to construction, we collaborate with our partners to manage the process with transparency in order to ensure that each project is completed efficiently and successfully.


AC Power specializes in the development of solar on brownfields, closed landfills, sand and gravel pits, quarries, formerly-mined coal sites, and other previously disturbed properties. Our projects benefit from a variety of end user options including community solar, wholesale, and Power Purchase Agreements.



AC Power is a woman-owned solar development company committed to repurposing previously disturbed land for a brighter future through solar development. Our team overcomes the obstacles associated with these sites to successfully bring solar facilities into operation and return the property to revenue-generating use. AC Power is committed to working with transparency, collaboration, and integrity.


As our projects unfolded with the engineering questions, environmental steps, negotiations with governmental officials and all that goes along with the routine solar project schedule we recognized just how incredibly fortunate we were to have Annika Colston and her team leading the way. The AC Power team is knowledgeable, maintains an acute attention to detail and brings their projects in on time and on budget. We can’t recommend them more highly ."

—  Audrey Winzinger, Vice President of Winzinger Inc., a Hainesport, New Jersey-based construction company

AC Power To The People with sun rays poping out around it


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