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The AC Power team is passionate about creating opportunities in partnership with the community. In addition to lowering utility bills, adding clean energy to the local grid and boosting grid reliability, community-scale solar can help restore natural ecosystems, generate job training opportunities and create local sustainability education programs. We invite neighbors and local citizens to participate in this process.


What is Community Solar?

Community solar expands access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation while building a stronger, distributed, and more resilient electric grid. Many businesses, renters and homeowners do not have the financial resources, land or rooftop capability to meet their energy needs with clean power. The energy produced by community solar facilities is shared by multiple households and businesses who subscribe to the project.


Site Enhancement Support

We work with environmental engineering partners to plan for the restoration and rehabilitation of pollinator habitats at our solar sites to help improve landscape connectivity, restore natural processes, increase biodiversity, and provide habitat for species of greatest conservation need. Our pollinator projects are site specific and designed to consider native flora and fauna, the proximity of wetlands, water features and soil remediation needs.


Workforce Development

AC Power is committed to expanding solar development while providing workforce training to support a growing solar industry nationwide. We strive to bolster diversity and support underserved communities while adding jobs. We partner with local community colleges and leverage development to build qualified solar industry talent and provide job training to students and those transitioning careers.

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