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Our team recognizes that each project is unique and that successful development of a solar project requires collaboration between stakeholders. At no cost to the site owner, AC Power finds innovative solutions to navigate the development process. Our investors rely on us to derisk complicated projects that will result in long term revenue generating assets.


AC Power analyzes the site characteristics, identifies potential regulatory hurdles, addresses title and ownership issues and assesses the project size to confirm the site is suitable for solar development. 


Grid-tied projects must apply for capacity in the transmission and distribution system and require a technical utility study. AC Power manages applications, fees, and coordination with utility representatives to bring projects online.


Obtaining permits and approvals requires the coordination of state and local agencies, environmental departments and other authorities to ensure that a solar installation will provide a net positive benefit to the environment.


AC Power secures financing for the development and construction of our projects. Landowners can rely on us to find credit-worthy investors to make the project a reality.


AC Power secures all possible incentives to maximize revenue generation. Incentives may include Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), federal and state governmental financial incentives, specific incentives for brownfield redevelopment and tax credits.


Our team will work with stakeholders to determine the most beneficial offtake mechanism for each project. Community Solar, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), direct offtake or the sale of energy into the wholesale grid are options we discuss with landowners.


AC Power negotiates contracts throughout the project development phase, including the interconnection agreement, Power Purchase Agreement, lease agreement, construction contracts, and financing agreements.


AC Power partners with leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms to bring our projects to commercial operation. By hosting a competitive bid process, we can maximize revenue and ensure that stakeholder values are aligned.


Solar energy projects require minimal day-to-day maintenance, which keeps ongoing project costs low. AC Power is responsible for ongoing mowing, landfill cap maintenance, and other landscape management over the life of the project.

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