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AC Power was founded in 2016 by Annika Colston, who spent more than a decade working in the field of landfill gas-to-energy project development. With an extensive background in the waste management industry, Annika seized on the opportunity to meet a growing demand for clean energy. While initially focusing on re-energizing landfills with solar, AC Power is continually expanding to repurpose previously-disturbed sites and build a resilient national electric grid. Today, AC Power’s core team boasts extensive experience monetizing environmental attributes and developing community-scale solar projects to find benefits for all stakeholders.


After working for many years in the field of landfill gas-to-energy, I saw an opportunity to put my experience to work in the growing solar industry and founded AC Power in 2016.  Solar works, the technology is getting less expensive, I know landfills and I love redeveloping undervalued land for a sustainable future.” 


–  Annika Colston,

    President & Founder 

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