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What Teams Get Wrong with their Mission and Values — and What We Learned

When she started AC Power in 2016, Annika Colston didn't have teammates, or the portfolio of projects we have today. But she did have plenty of creativity and intentionality.

"Humble beginnings is an understatement. It was just me!" says Colston, the CEO of AC Power. "But I had a feeling about the type of team we needed to become. What attracts us to working in solar? A sense of purpose. A feeling that we can improve things."

Solar development is about building something better. That could be reducing a community's carbon footprint. It could be turning an old landfill into a revenue-generating solar field. Developers need to see a vision for what's possible. Where some people may see an eyesore, we see the potential to build a point of pride.

Turning a vision into an operational solar project takes (so many) people. We need to bring everyone along for the journey, starting with our own team of problem-solvers. To get our oars pointed in the same direction, we recently rewrote AC Power's Mission and Values.

We've all sat in lifeless waiting rooms. On the wall hangs a poster of a soaring eagle with the word "Leadership." Really? Isn’t that mailing it in just a bit?

Having a strong mission and values isn't about throwing words on the wall that don't mean anything. In their excellent book, Primed to Perform (2015), Neil Doshi and Lyndsey MacGregor proved our theory. They surveyed 22,000 workers across a variety of industries. Their research found that "organizational identity" was the second highest potential motivator. Mission and values create a collective identity, and north star of purpose.

Because solar is a purpose-driven industry, we needed to think big! We knew we nailed them when our new mission, and each of our five values gave us The Big Feels. Epic Leadership guided us through the process of chiseling and designing these.

Our mission answers: "What do we do?" and "Why do we exist?"

Our Mission is to reenergize communities with solar— 1 brownfield at a time.

The journey from a brownfield to a solar field is not just a physical transformation; it's testament to the boundless possibilities that solar energy unfolds. Every project we undertake is a step towards a brighter, sustainable future. Our mission captures our desire to instill hope, foster community pride, and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Our values remind us how do we intend to show up each day to carry out our mission.

At AC Power, we believe in:

  1. Characters, With Character: We emphasize integrity in all our interactions - whether internal or external. But we equally encourage letting your passion shine through. AC Power is not a monolith; we are a group of different voices and ideas, enabling us to see a project from all perspectives.

  2. Growth Energy: The solar industry is dynamic and so is our learning curve. We believe in fostering a culture of continual growth, learning, and adaptation. On each of our projects, we strive to innovate and evolve, ensuring that with each step, we are providing industry-leading services.

  3. Curious & Clear: Communication is the conduit for a successful collaboration. Our ethos blends an innovative curiosity with an open dialogue to ensures transparency and alignment.

  4. Stewardship: Our projects are a legacy for the communities we serve. Stewardship to us means responsibly managing the resources and trust endowed upon us. By transforming brownfields into solar fields, we are not just generating clean energy; we're embodying our commitment to leave things better than we found them.

  5. Our Work Glows: The solar projects we develop reflect our collection of experiences, commitment to quality, and desire for excellence. We offer best-in-class, personalized solutions across our work, revitalizing land and communities. Every project reflects our unwavering commitment to deliver the best, with an intention to detail that distinguishes us in the solar landscape.

Can you tell why we're excited to share these? Which of these speak to you? Please share your feedback or thoughts below!

About Us

AC Power helps resolve the unforeseen challenges of developing solar projects on brownfields. We are your partner, and team of experts to support each stage of the solar development journey. Our mission is to reenergize communities with solar — 1 brownfield at a time. Learn more:


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